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Piano lessons for beginners with a certified teacher on a grand piano in a cosy environment!

About our piano lessons

In our piano studio, we give lessons mainly to beginners, children and adults. The most important element of our lessons is fun and joy. From the very beginning of learning the piano, we will help our students to express themselves and their feelings in beautiful sounds.  Hoping that music will become your friend for life, we try to bring you enjoyable and rewarding experiences. From the very beginning, our students will learn to tell a short story on the piano and to express themselves as performers. It is entirely possible to play like an artist using only one or a few fingers!

For absolute beginners, we use the “Piano lessons” series by Hal Leonard and “Piano Adventures” by Nancy and Randall Faber. In these attractively illustrated and colorful materials, new concepts are introduced gradually, at a reasonable pace, so that students do not feel overwhelmed. “Piano lessons” and “Piano Adventures” contain many pieces arranged for four hands.  That is, the student can play the simple melodic part while listening to the teacher play the accompaniment part with more complex chords and rhythms. Thus, from the very first lessons, our students can discover the potential of the piano, and they can enjoy the rich sounds of the instrument and the pleasant rhythm. In addition, it gives them a sense of security, collaboration and accomplishment. It is so much fun to play piano together!

The other important feature of our approach is to focus on the strengths of each learner.  We believe that everyone interested in learning the piano is born with some talent for playing the instrument.  We carefully observe each student, and advise them to grasp their innate abilities and build on them to learn the piano for the best result.  We do not impose on our students our own learning styles that have been most effective for us, but we try to respect the individual qualities and interests of our students so that they can reach their full potential and establish their own learning style.  When choosing a new piece to learn, we discuss with our learners to find one that suits their taste and motivates them to practice.

In conclusion, our goal as a piano coach is to provide our learners with a happy and rewarding experience through individualized instruction. We strive to create an inspiring learning environment where our students feel safe and have fun. We hope to create a good memory with our students who will later remember that they had a happy musical time with us.

Piano Club POCO A POCO

Piano teachers of Poco à poco


Mugino Kadota Bressoud: Mugino obtained Certificate of Teaching Elementary Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada), Certificate of ‘Developing your Musicianship Specialization’ from Berklee College of Music and le Certificat de Solfège from l’Association Vaudoise des Conservatoires et des Ecoles de Musique.  Mugino has also a long years of experience as a language teacher in Swiss international boarding schools.


Emilie Bressoud: Emilie holds Bachelor of musique (Musique at School) from l’Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne.  After obtained Certificate of Piano from l’Association Vaudoise des Conservatoires et des Ecoles de Musique with jury congratulations in 2018, Emilie was honored by Prize Fonds Ganz for her brilliant success of Superior Certificate of Piano at Conservatory of Lausanne in 2022.



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